The Potato Hack – Book Review

Tim Steele is an Alaska based writer, residing in North Pole with his wife Jackie. Steele served 21 years of his life in the US Air Force and retired in 2004, before stepping into the world of writing. Since then, Tim has been working in the healthcare industry while pursuing his Master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Maryland. Tim has several books under his name such as ‘The Affairs of State’, ‘The Cub’s Chronology’, ‘Grayson – Future’s End’ and few others. He does not follow a particular genre of writing and likes to experiment different subjects from fiction to health related books as well.

‘The Potato Hack’ is the latest offering by Tim Steele, published in March 2016. This book simply falls in the genre of health books focusing on the age-old potato hack used for losing weight. This book covers a few variations of the hack, recipes and the basic science behind the potato hack discovered in 1849. ‘The Potato Hack’ is basically a 3 to 5 day instant diet plan where one has to eat nothing but potatoes over the course. Apparently, people who follow the potato diet have experienced losing 0.5-1 pound of fat per day.

The general perception is that potatoes are meant to make you fat. That’s why there are chances that people might not accept or believe on the concept of this book, because it is difficult for people to digest the idea that one could lose weight just by eating potatoes. However, for readers who like to experiment unconventional genres, this book is a must read!

Tim Steele has done thorough research in investigating the advantages of potatoes on human health. Therefore, the book will be a great learning experience for people who really want to shed those excess pounds and get in shape just in a couple of days.

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