Eat More To Lose More – Book Review

Unni Greene strikes again with an amazing book on nutrition and fitness that will help readers get the body of their dreams without strenuous exercise and being hungry all the time. Being a Swedish semi professional figure skater, Greene has dedicated her life to assist others to attain optimal health and fitness through simple nutrition and exercise strategies. She has helped hundreds of people to achieve their weight and fitness goals by guiding them and providing them physical and mental training.

Eat More to Lose More” is an effective and easy-to-understand fitness manual that will strengthen Greene’s place as a first class fitness instructor. All those people who are tired of complicated and boring meal plans and diets, this book can help you get out of that flux. It’s not about keeping track of your calories and watching what you eat all the time; rather, it is about modifying the lifestyle to get a fit and svelte body.

This book is an irreplaceable diet manual, which will help the readers get their body in shape without starving themselves and depriving themselves of necessary nutrition. Greene explains in detail that why her strategy to eat more and lose more will work for everyone. Fitness and weight loss has often been described as a tricky and complicated subject, but Unni Greene has offered the readers the chance to get comprehensive knowledge about the subject in an understandable and enjoyable way.

“Eat More To Lose More” is an amazing book that targets important fitness issues such as weight loss, getting a fit and lean body, nutrition, hormonal effects on fitness, overcoming mental hurdles and fitness techniques and methods that also include the author’s exclusive workout plans and easy-to-cook recipes, meal plans and valuable guidelines that guarantee results. Readers will most certainly reap invaluable benefits from this book and can get the body of their dreams by following easy fitness and nutrition instructions laid down by the author in easy terms.

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