Chronically Positive – Book Review

Ashley Boynes-Shuck is the acclaimed and award-winning author of the humorous memoir, Sick Idiot, which made great waves and collected positive and critical customer reviews from all around. Although, nothing can come close to her post-apocalyptic fiction novel, To Exist, the new addition to her repertoire is Chronically Positive, which shows the potential to be the next great book by the author. Previously, Ashley used to spend her time blogging as “Arthritis Ashley” and was (still is) a great supporter for the rights of animals and health related issues.

Years of blogging and writing experience gave Ashley the perfect skills to write a beautifully crafted novel that not only reads well but also delight any reader who decides to dive into this inspiring and uplifting book. Chronically Positive is a comprehensive and articulate collection of Ashley’s most popular blog posts about well-known chronic health issues and illnesses. It was well received by the critics and is popularly acclaimed by the customers.

While Sick Idiot took on a more humorous approach to explain the minds and struggles of ill people, Chronically Positive targets issues that are more serious and present the fact in a deeply serious manner. A lifetime of poor health is not a laughing matter, but with the ability to balance hope, realism and a healthy dose of optimism and grace, an individual can persevere.

Readers will be greatly inspired by this book and will applaud the author’s ability to accomplish so much in life with a chronic illness and several debilitating health issues. She has not let her problems bring her down and tried to spread the same message through her books, so that her readers can pick themselves up, and look forward to each day with a renewed rigor and hope.

With this book, Ashley has tried to make the world a better place, and readers will find that to some extent she did succeed. The author has tried to motivate people. The truthful and honest glimpse into the psychology of sick people, as well as the daily realities of sickness will shake you to your bones and will compel you to feel touched and appreciate your life more.

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Serious Reading Rating
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