Daddy Sir! – Book Review

Daddy Sir! comes from the deepest, darkest, and most dominant parts of Christine’s heart. She comes from a history of physical and mental abuse; the abuse that directly came from none other than the closest male figures in her life – her own father, grandfather, uncle, and her eldest brother. Growing up in a house where her family neglected her and only targeted her as an outlet for letting out rage took a deep toll on her mental and physical health as the years passed by.

The author puts extensive emphasis on the beauty of the surroundings, all down to the last detail of the amazing cottonwood smell, and then takes a deep dive into the world of this petite and helpless child. The severe implications on her life that came through immense physical and mental torture coming from the ones she is supposed to  trust the most – her own family.

This book is her personal and up-close account of all the cruel, incestuous traumas she had to deal with in her house. It portrays her journey from going through a mental disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder) to how it affected her, all the way to the point of giving up and then picking herself back up. The narrative is developed in a way that hits the reader in the strongest way possible. It appeals to the most emotional sides of basic humanity. Since you know before starting to read the book that it’s a real life account, you delve in with the thought already embedded in your mind that it is going to be an emotional rollercoaster – which it is. You will feel for the child and begin loathing the nasty brutality she’s being subjected to. It’s a must read for anyone who wishes to find insight into the world of abused children, and how it changes every future endeavor they will pursue – personal and otherwise.

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Serious Reading Rating
85 %