Body Rewired by Maria Paratore

Body RewiredAre you ready to quit making excuses and start making progress? Then you have come to the right place! In Body Rewired you won’t find any magic pills, quick fixes, or tricky diet and exercise programs. You won’t be asked to purchase fancy supplements or the latest exercise equipment. Body rewired has been designed to teach you a no-nonsense approach to getting your body and your life on track and finally staying there!

So, you are finally tired of being tired, not happy with how you feel every day, not happy with what you look like in the mirror and how you feel when you wake up every day…  Now you are looking for a change…

So before reading, start asking yourself some very important questions that will have a major impact on your overall success.

What are you looking to accomplish, what are your health goals?

Just as importantly, when are you looking to achieve whatever those health goals are?

Finally, how important is it to you, and your family, that you reach your health goals?

Why are these questions important to ask yourself?  Simply because if you don’t know what you want to accomplish, and have a specific time frame to accomplish them by, you’ll never figure out how YOU are going get there!

So you want the hard cold truth you say?

Well that’s great because there is no sugar-coating here (no pun intended)! This is your tough love wake-up call to get your rear in gear by starting to really educate yourself, organize your life, and practice what you preach. It’s not enough to WANT to be healthy and happy, you must devise a plan, put it into action, and most importantly stick to it! So right now.. quit your crying and complaining and let’s get started!

Maria Paratore


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