Paragons: Age of the Awakening – Book Review

J.M Macchiavelli possesses the art of writing a thought-provoking page turner for his readers. His revering imagination and his ability to pen words takes us into a magical realism. He writes fictional stuff and transcends stories that ask for well deserved applauds. As if Paragons: Age of the Awakening Volume I wasn’t moving enough, he gifted us with news of the second volume. If we are to judge by the finesse of his first volume, we can safely say that this one is going to be even more of a masterpiece than the first part.

With Paragons: Age of the Awakening Volume I being such a brilliant read, it only makes sense that Machiavelli came up with the second volume of the series. Paragons is the story of warriors of magic, of politics, of legendary weapons and of the war that threatens to destroy the entire world of Gaia. If there is anyone who can put a stop to this madness, it is the heroes of this fantasy world named Braxx, Quincy and their peers. This war would have been a lot easier if there were only battles and fights involved but this time, they have a traitor amongst themselves and no person, no turn and no one can be trusted. One word to the wrong person and Gaia could disintegrate from within.

There is war and chaos everywhere in Gaia. Across the sea, General Liam McCabe travels fast with his thoughts clouded by revenge and a one-track focus; to destroy his enemies. Meanwhile, in the capital, the Morabian army loses the battle leaving Quincy questioning his allegiances and missing his hometown terribly. On the other hand, Braxx is unraveling questions that is leaving him with more questions than answers.

Queen Ramia is perplexed by her own part in the war. She knows she must join ranks with the mortals and go stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other heroes who need her. Yet, as time passes, she begins to fear for the times to come and whether all the power of the heroes combined will be enough to save Gaia from impending doom.

Macchiavelli writes in a way that has his audience craving for more. Every word drips with suspense, thrill, anticipation and fear; scenarios that will bring the readers right on the edge of their seats. Macchiavelli’s books contain the true essence of masterpieces, ultimately giving the readers something precious and mesmerizing to read.

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