Child of the Light – Book Review

Few people know about author Deanna Wiltshire but if her books have anything to say about her, she looks like a person with brains and talent. Born in Canada, Wiltshire has always had a distinct interest in writing. With the aim of following her childhood dream, she graduated with an English Major and got one step closer to fulfilling her dream every day. Young at heart, Wiltshire’s writings fall in the genre of Young Adult fantasy. It was her undying love for writing that drove her to pen down the novel Child of the Light, the first one in the series of Prophecy 6.

Child of the Light – Prophecy 6; Book 1 is a story of world filled with war. For as long as the memory serves, the people of Giatan have always known about the never-ending war between the north and south. It was not this war though that brought the demise of Morza. In all honesty, no one really knows what caused the destruction of the city of Morza. Some say that it was God’s lightening that destroyed the place while others believe that it was a celebration gone wrong that led to the city’s downfall. No one knows for sure though as all these theories are rumors based on hearsay and the tittle-tattle of the town. Only one person knows what really happened to Morza.

The Northern Prince is sick and assigned with the task of finding a cure is Caldor Lefwid. His search for the cure takes him deep off the path and a little too close to the destroyed city of Morza. He got close enough to see the footprints of a survivor – the only survivor of the great demise. With a little change of plans, Caldor added one more item to his list of quests; to find the survivor and the cure.

With her rich storytelling style and a talent for painting a vivid picture of the scenarios, it is hard to ever put down a book by Deanna Wiltshire.

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