Thalen: Bloodfire by Chris Stump

Thalen200The race of Tredes has always been confined to one forest as long as Thalen can remember. They don’t know their history, where they come from, or who else is out in the world other than one race that keeps them bound behind high walls.

Dragons are unheard of, magical creatures of invisibility are unspeakable, and beings that can fly or will objects to themselves are purely laughable.

But that all changes when Thalen overhears two strangers in the forest whispering that darkness is coming to take his people, and the time of the Sotari has come. To find help and answers, Thalen is whisked away to a forbidden land by a quirky Palendri wizard. With the wizard’s aide he goes into the realm of the wizard’s angelic race—a race who hides a dark purpose.

Encountering beings of light, magical powers, and a high council who’s out for Thalen’s blood, he must uncover the truth of the darkness and why his people are the target.

Thalen is captured by the very darkness he set out to stop. Enslaved with his own, Thalen discovers his body holds a secret. He ignites in a blinding blaze when threatened, and the elements obey his hands. No other Trede can do that, and the light that erupts from his skin hasn’t been seen since ancient times. A time long before Tredes existed.

Bound with an ancient light inside his body, Thalen must uncover its true meaning and embrace its power. When Tredes start to mysteriously disappear, and the true mission of the Dark Ones unfolds, Thalen must determine whether he will fight his doubt or surrender to his insecurity. Will he embrace the bloodfire within and his true identity to save his people? Or will he succumb to a false identity he’s always known and snuff out the burning within? His decision will determine the fate of his people and the entire world.

Chris Stump


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