To Kill a God by Stevian Heartbound

Have you ever wondered what happened after you die? Do you believe in an afterlife? Heaven? Something else? Imagine an afterlife where no one was wrong, and all gods and goddesses coexisted in competition with one another for the souls of the recently deceased. Take the hand of Zachariah as he guides you into this tale. His tale. Zachariah is a young college student in the late 2000’s on the verge of graduation, yet for many life takes an unexpected turn. As a man who never really thought about death, let alone the afterlife, Zachariah has to deal with the inevitable. Meeting many different spiritual figures as well as several manifestations of pure emotion, somewhere Zachariah will find his home among those who have long been dead and buried.

It’s an adventure in the afterlife.  Friends will be made, people will die, but that last part won’t really matter since you’re already dead.  What will matter, however, is your soul.  That wonderful thing everyone always hears about and is said to make up the entirety of your being.  Can your soul see the world?  Nope, otherwise that would assume the blind are soulless, and that’s clearly not the case.  Can your soul touch the world around you?  Unlikely, since most cases where severe burn victims die, their souls haunt as if they had never been burnt.  Can your soul float?  Can you?

Ghosts are known to float, and their manifestations are even said to be capable of flying and teleportation according to myth.  The dead go somewhere, at least that’s a positive thought many of us like to have.  So what can a soul lose by dying when they’ve already died once?  Well, in one word, trauma.  It’s a traumatic experience to have someone kill you.  It’s a traumatic experience to be kidnapped, and I imagine it would be no less so for a dead person.  Especially when you’ve got a situation where one soul can be swallowed by another, like two amoeba going to dinner.  It’s almost like there should be a way for souls to find protection.  A guardian.  Like a god perhaps?

Wait.  I know what you’re thinking.  This is all silly.  There’s no such thing as ghosts.  Gods don’t exist.  When we die, that’s it.  It’s not a pleasant thought but it’s the truth.  Your entire foundation is built on myths and fairy tales!  Don’t worry my friend.  I hear you loud and clear, for this book is both tailored towards the spiritual person and friends like you all the same!

Instead of opening my tome seeking spiritual guidance, think of it as a collection of history from everyone that has come before you.  I try to keep things well researched and as accurate as I can while making the educational spirit of things fun so you can learn and enjoy yourself without feeling like you’re in a classroom!  I intend to create an entire spiritual classroom on all facets of death, and this is but the first step in grabbing that bony hand and having a lot of fun on the ride!  Please enjoy my work, and have as much fun with it as you can muster! ~ Stevian Heartbound , author of “To Kill a God

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