Gods of the Deep – Book Review

Being the author of many short stories and paranormal romance novellas, David Lascelles is a former clinical scientist by profession. Besides writing, he now works as a teacher and loves every minute of it. Gods of the Deep is a story about an academic researcher named Everyn Crowe and Captain Rachel, both of whom who set out on a journey, that rumors has it, has no destination.

Enjoying a strong passion for Ethereal and Theological Sciences, Everyn Crowe had no idea his life was going to take a turn for the worst after he invented his etheric compass to catch supernatural beings. But, like every other academic scholar, he imagined his whole life spent in the dusty corners of a local library with not much happening in his life. However, everything was going to change from the moment when his research on the villagers in the isolated coast of Creatha ended with him being thrown into the sea in an unceremonious fashion.

It was his lucky day as Captain Rachel, along with her crew, were just in time for the rescue. Accused of being a witch, all Everyn has to do is not let the crew members cast him overboard. But Rachel is not going to let that happen as she has some other plans when she learns of his unusual studious abilities.

This suspense thriller that will leave your imaginative senses tingling as the novel has everything a good thriller must have! With pirates, demons, swashbucklers and unexpected twists and turns that will leave the readers stunned, Gods of the Deep is a must-read, one-of-its-kind paranormal tale for fans of decent thrillers.

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