Risen – Book Review

Christopher Westmoreland is a college student and is currently studying in English Literature. Along with his studies, he manages to work as a library employee. The author has been passionate about writing since he was a child. He has published a few really interesting and unique books. The first novel written by Christopher Westmoreland was Risen: The ‘Greg the Zombie’. He has been working on the second one now. Westmoreland is a self proclaimed nerd and geek. Other than writing, he also loves to read Sherlock Holmes and other comics. Other than the passion for literature, he is also deeply interested in video games such as God of War, Super Mario Bros and Tomb Raider collections.

The book uncovers the deepest mysteries and random occurrences. Grey Reynold is the protagonist who steps into a new world of dead people. He has to live and be a part of the living dead. The novel is purely based on mystery, fantasy and horror. A mixture of characters including vampires, demons, brownies, necromancers, succulents and zombies exist in the new world. The book introduces totally odd and baffling concepts, something that has never been written before. Even though a part of them, Reynolds is still different in a lot of things. He, unlike other members, still has a free will and the ability to analyze rationally and critically. The book uncovers a range of things he experiences while being among the dead.

Read and see how he has to work with the hidden police to manifest that he is not a drone and the way he evolves to become a powerful necromancer who aims to destruct the whole world of supernatural creatures. The mysterious plot of this book reveals how the life of a zombie feels like and what happens if you are rising from the dead or are one among them. If you are interested in supernatural, horror and fantasy, this book is a must read for you!

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