The Dream Walker – Book Review

The Dream Walker is a YA fantasy novel and the first book of the Mystica Series by Michelle Murray. She lives in Wisconsin, and is a working mother of two sons. She likes reading novels of fantasy, science fiction, and classic genres. Among her list of favorite authors are Colleen Houck, Margaret Weiss, Mark Twain, and Shakespeare. She has been a fan of reading and writing since her high school years. Michelle has also received the honor of being featured in Whos Who Among American Poets, and many of her short stories and poems have been published in anthologies.

The chief protagonist of The Dream Walker is Miranda, who is an average college girl. After visiting an old woman’s bookstore, she is transported to the magical world of Mystica where she discovers that she is a dream walker. Long before Miranda arrived, the world of Mystica had six wizards, from which three were dark and three were light. One day, the dark wizard, Midnight, cast a spell on all the other wizards, which backfired and turned all of them into stone. Later, a boy finds the stone in which Midnight was trapped and releases him upon Mystica. With the intention to take over Mystica, Midnight gathers an army for war.

Now the responsibility to save Mystica from the dark wizard, Midnight, rests on Miranda’s shoulders. However, she cannot defeat him by herself, and embarks on a journey to find the stone in which the light wizard, Lightening, is trapped.

Will Miranda be able to find Lightening? Even if she does, will both of them be able to save Mystica from the wrath of Midnight? The Dream Walker is a novel which has everything from dragons and wizards to magical spells, and of course, a great storyline. The author has creatively portrayed the land of Mystica with great detail, and the readers will feel they have been transported to this world of magic with Miranda.

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