A Perilous Quest, an Archer Adventure – Book Review

A Perilous Quest, an Archer Adventure is the second book of the Archer Adventure series written by Katharine Giles who finds inspiration for her stories from her adventure-filled life. This perfectly treated fantasy adventure is filled with unexpected and surprising turns. The impeccable character development, creative description of an underwater world and abundant action throughout the book absorb the reader completely.

The story revolves around Balycon, a white marble city on the sea floor surrounded by a deadly aura that prevents Balycon’s air breathers from living there. Those exposed to the aura are caught up in a rapture that makes them vulnerable to the many dangers in the sea and they rarely survive. A new arrival to Balycon, 14-year-old Archer has decided he wants to live in the city and is determined to find the reason for the aura and fix it.

Archer’s enthusiasm for the task far outweighs his abilities and he faces many challenges as he embarks on this difficult task. After he finds and accidentally activates a crystal triad charm that takes him into the past, he meets a long-dead crystal master who tells him there used to be three crystal balls in the city and one is missing. Until the crystal ball is returned to its pedestal in a secret room beneath the city plaza, the aura will continue to threaten Balycon’s air breathers.

Not only is this fascinating and fast-paced fictional tale a highly recommended read for those who love fantasy, ‘A Perilous Quest’s subliminal message addresses today’s concerns about environmental and climatic issues.

You may learn more about Katharine’s books at www.thearcheradventures.com

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