The Left-Hand Path – Book Review

T.S. Barnett began writing at a young age but it was only when she started working as a full time legal secretary that she began writing serious novels. Her stories revolve around real time characters living in other-worldly realm; that of werewolves, vampires and super natural capabilities. Through narrating unreal happenings, she taps upon issues ranging from emotions to childhood traumas extending into adulthood and forbidden desires. What makes her novels tick with people is how perfectly she blends real and unreal situations, knotting them with just the right amount of action and violence.

The Left-Hand Path: Mentor is the story of Nathaniel Moore, who is considered a witch; impossible to capture and deemed as a dangerously sinister character. The fact that no one has been able to capture him has made him more of a myth around town. He has lived up to 250 years old because of a dark magic aimed at stealing lives out of people. The Magistrate has sent numerous Chasers after him but none of them posed a challenge to him that he desired. It was Elton Willis the Chaser who was finally able to crack the cold case. But what he found left him appalled; instead of finding a typical villain waiting to tear down the Chaser, he found a carefree man living in a downcast apartment in Yuma.

What complicates the issue is the accidental release of one of Nathan’s enemies, a vengeful Lich that has a thirst of human blood. Now Elton is caught in a fix. Either he has to take Nathaniel to the Magistrate putting everyone at the risk of the Lich, or he has to team up with Nathan to defeat the Lich.

This is a highly recommended book for readers who like to find subliminal life messages among stories written in completely unreal situations and characters. The characters have been weaved such that they reveal to the reader that things can be considerably different in actuality than how they appear. Seemingly villainous characters can have humane sides to them whereas apparently the most humane people can be the ultimate manipulators. Left Hand Path is a truly captivating story as the right and wrong team up in defeating a third factor.

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