Clean Sweep – Book Review

Clean Sweep is a great example of that rarest of things, a science fiction/fantasy hybrid that’s actually enjoyable reading. While it’s a short novel, as it was originally a serialization on the author’s website, it’s still well worth your time to get hold of a copy.

Probably more fairly described as a science fiction and urban fantasy hybrid, Clean Sweep follows the adventures of Dina Demille, an apparently unassuming Texan small town woman who runs a bed and breakfast inn. She owns a dog, she is nice to her neighbors, and just seems like your average American – which, of course, she is not. To her eternal frustration, her guests are rarely the kind of people who you’d expect to show up in such a quaint little place.

She deals everything with intergalactic fugitive ex-generals who are guilty of war crimes looking for a place to stay to the undeniably attractive next door neighbor who just so happens to be a werewolf. This all happens well before the vampire soldiers, which should give you a good sense of where the novel heads. No matter where it stretches the bounds of credulity, however, it sure has one hell of a fun time.

Ilona Andrews is actually a pen name for husband and wife writing team of Gordon and Ilona Andrews, and they’re behind a number of bestselling series in the past. They bring the wild talents they sharpened on these other series to Clean Sweep, and it shows in every page. Occasionally it is noticeable that the novel was originally a serial, but they patch things together well enough that it’s only a slight hiccup in the narrative. They’ve also expanded the serial version with a new epilogue to ensure that fans get the closure they’re so desperate for, and that’s only available in this novel format!

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