The Dragons of Rosemar – Book Review

A former N.Y Army National Guard, Daniel S. Patrick, the author of this book is a creative writer who used to be an ardent Dungeon & Dragons player as a young boy. As he grew older, he developed a passion for dragon and epic movies and fiction books. He decided to venture into the writing industry after retiring from the army.

The story takes us back to the medieval times in the land of Rosemar that belonged to the King Zimri’s kingdom. One of the main characters in this book, Gunther Stormcloud, loves spending most of the time in his hut studying an ancient prophecy that predicted the insurgency of the Dragon King. To protect the kingdom from this attack, he orders blacksmiths to make swords and body armor for their soldiers who spend days preparing for the looming battle.

Everyone has a role to play in the community, except one sixteen-year-old kitchen boy, Daniel. He spends most of most of his time sitting on a kitchen table thinking about the time he would be initiated. In this kingdom, men are allowed to choose what they want to become after initiation. Unlike other men, Daniel is not sure which role he should play in the community. He is torn between becoming a soldier just like his father, riding a dragon, or venturing into the unknown world of magic. Before the initiation ceremony, Daniel and a group of his friends go on a journey that converts them into men before their time. They have to work together to avoid treacherous paths, dark soldiers, ogres, and other forms of danger that await them ahead.

The Dragons of Rosemar is an engaging story that is professionally written. As you read it, you will get a vivid image of all the characters and everything that they go through as they transition and battle their enemies.

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