Portals of Infinity: Reprisal – Book Review

Merging science fiction with fantasy is a tricky process and one that few can accomplish. John Van Stry loves to write stories about beings crossing over into different worlds and realms. His book ‘Portals of Infinity‘ is one such example. The constant source of new ideas itself makes the book a must read.

The book ‘Portals of Infinity’ tells a story of a champion of a God. This champion’s name is William. Though William finds himself bestowed with a number of powers, he also finds himself up against some very dangerous enemies. An attack on his family caused William to chase an enemy. His chase lead him across a number of realities. When he finally manages to trap his enemy, William ensures that he kills him.

The problem now is that enemies always come back and this particular enemy was on his way to becoming a demigod. To destroy his enemy completely, he must destroy the temples that are built to serve him. The quest leads William to earth. The problem about earth is that no one knows about the champions. This by default means that William’s God has no way to help him. William’s quest leads him to get entangled in some powerful government agencies on earth. The real questions that the book poses is… William get his revenge? Will he manage to slay the demigod before all is lost?

John Van Stry manages to hit all the right notes in his book ‘Portals Of Infinity’. His out of the box way of thinking has helped him develop a plot in which a being can jump into different worlds (or spheres). The book itself is a fun ride into a multidimensional world, where God’s have champions and champions have enemies!

The author’s abstract concepts have been personified in the book causing intrigue in the mind of the reader. The relationship between the characters is real and pronounced. This in itself makes the book a great read. The action and battles described in the story are like the icing on the cake. A must read for those who like science fiction and fantasy!

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