Quest for a Legend – Book Review

Quest for a Legend is a fantasy novel by Erik Olson. A resident of Tampa, FL, Erik Olson has been writing since his childhood. Olson pursued a career in writing after his friends encouraged him to do so. Apart from a great set of friends, Olson has a loving family. Quest for a Legend is an adventure packed story about Allestaria—a world of war, magic, art and dangers.

Quest for a Legend talks about a world where war is an art, dangers exist and magic is everywhere. A legendary hero is what this world reveals. The prophesized hero comes into the world as a result of Allestaria’s inhabitants’ collective desires. Unique warriors from different backgrounds and cultures are gathered by this hero.

In order to locate a grim fortress where their greatest challenge awaits them, the four warriors and the hero trek through murky swamps, scorching deserts, and lush forests. They also come across a land where darkness resides. The grim fortress is where the Quest for a Legend comes alive. This first book is first in the series and it tells the story of Mystastar’s Valorian Knights.

The knights battle the forces of Evilan acolytes and Lord Zox to protect Allestaria. However, the greatest enemies of the Valorians are their own inner conflicts and not the monsters/ villains that they need to fight. Many phony Serphamic heroes have appeared over the centuries. However, the only true Serphamic hero is Valnor. The origins and discovery of Valnor is what Quest for a Legend talks about. In order to win the acceptance of his people, Valnor struggles a lot and eventually they recognize him as the prophesized hero. Quest for a Legend is extremely well written and is a book we strongly suggest reading.

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