Boundary Lines – Book Review

Boundary Lines is yet another sharp prose with complex characters that make it an amazing read you do not want to miss. This refreshing sequel to Boundary Crossed will keep you glued to your book and by the end of it, you will without doubt have developed an immense appreciation for Melissa F. Olson’s great talent to come up with such believably captivating dialogue. You cannot help but fall for her creatively coined characters that she has so beautifully presented to her audience.

In Boundary Lines, Lex is faced with a tough challenge of dealing with the fact that suddenly, every supernatural creature has developed a great dislike for her. She and her partner cannot fathom whether it is murder or mutiny when they are assigned the responsibility to look into the disappearance of two vampires in the night of the full moon. Lex will traverse all imaginable avenues, from the prison cell of a werewolf, to a Denver brothel, in search of answers. But just when she has established the party responsible, Boulder has found an awakening that is both powerful and terrifying.

Lex is moving away from her normal world in a bid to learn more about her new one after having discovered her strong abilities as a boundary witch. But many things seem to be falling apart including the encroachment of Maven’s territory. Lex, being under Maven has to find a solution fast before a war between magicals results in the shedding of the blood of innocents. Lex soldiers on, guided by her experience as a soldier and intelligence.

The aspects of this story are so carefully woven to produce an amazing read that deepens the relationships of all characters. It has just the right amount of humor and spice to urge readers to be entertained and keep yearning for more.

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Serious Reading Rating
92 %