Invasion – Book Review

The Invasion by K.F Breene is a part of The Warrior Chronicles series novel. The series has become a favorite for many fiction readers and it is getting interesting as the story continues. The author is the USA Today Bestseller author of paranormal romance, contemporary and fantasy novels. She has sold over 400,000 books worldwide and her work includes The Warrior Chronicles and The Darkness Series.

The Invasion is full of action. The characters are always moving from one battle to another facing more difficult odds. It outlines a complete set of new characters making it possible for the reader to meet people from Shanti’s homeland and understand the Shadow warriors better. This allows the reader to learn where Shanti came from and the same time see her through the eyes of the people. Shanti and Cayan works together, but it is a bit disappointing since the reader doesn’t see more of the two working together. The two are a couple but they aren’t really joined at the hip. They play their strengths even when it calls for working separately for sometimes.

The Hunter in the novel isn’t trained to admit defeat and the couple looks for the next steps to get back their freedom. Shanti and Cayan add some incredible new fighters in the army and need to face the Hunter once more. Conversely, the Hunter gets into the position and captures Cayan’s city by force. It becomes tricky for Shanti and Cayan to defeat their enemy without engaging all the hostages in crossfire.

The novel is fantastic and the one to go for, especially if you like fiction, action, magic, impending doom and romance. You may even find yourself wondering what would happen if the author coordinates fight scenes for movies. The fight scenes are just great with action packed from begging to the end.

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