The Mage Sister – Book Review

The Mage Sister is a fantasy novel written by Jeanne Bradford who lives in Iowa and loves dogs and ice cream. She also misses the Pacific Northwest Coast, where she grew up and has been fond of telling stories for as long as she can remember.

The story revolves around the fifteen year old Arinda, who knows that she is different – in a bad way. What she doesn’t know is how extraordinary her ‘difference’ makes her. For the longest time, she has had a choice between living a life of drudgery or with the Circle of Mages which happens to be her worst fear.

She also knows that she cannot tell anyone of this because if she does, she will be sent away to the society of the Circle of Mages, which would humiliate her family and be bound to one of the mages. And although she doesn’t want to become a member of the society, Arinda still wants to learn about her powers.

But when Arinda is sent away to school, she doesn’t understand why the dashing headmaster is so interested in her.  She finds out later that he is secretly a member of the mages and tries to keep her secret for as long as possible, until her own magic betrays her and spills out all the beans about her reality.

Now that she is discovered, Arinda has to face the mages, whom she has feared for all of her life and use her powers to blend in a society she was taught to be afraid of.

Jeanne Bradford, in her amazing fantasy novel, The Mage Sister, manages to put together all that you want in a book. The characters are strong, the plot is enchanting, and once the reader is lured into the book, there is absolutely no way out. The Mage Sister will take you to a whole new world.

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