Entwined Courage – Book Review

Tracy Lane is a seasoned and award-winning writer who lives in Kissimmee, Florida together with her daughter Brittany and son Jesse. She enjoys penning stories and books that target young adult and middle grade students. One of the latest books that attracted a massive reputation is the Entwined Courage.

The main character in this fairy tale story is Aurora Turnleaf who grew up hearing stories of magical beings, crystal towers, and mysterious lands. She never thought that they actually existed in real life, until one day she comes across a magnificent city located deep in the woods and constructed using quality transparent crystal material. She had never walked through this part of the forest before, and suddenly, the memories of all the fairy tales she had been hearing comes to her mind. She meets up with Iragos, a light mage who later on introduces her to Kayne, an adventurous young man who had just stolen a precious Ythra Orb from the city’s Hallowed Hall for his master.

Together, they embark on a journey to help Kayne find Morgis, a mystical land that is home to the Oracles who created the Orb. Their main objective is to protect Orbs against Kronos. The road to Morgis is riddled with life strengthen huddles that they have to find solutions to if they are to reach the promise land safe and sound. Kronos on the other hand hack a plan to intercept the two at every turn; they have no option but to battle dark magic thrown to them by Kronos to complete the quest. To do this, they have to learn to work together despite the fact that they are from two distinct worlds.

Entwined Courage is an amazing fairy tale book that is filled with suspension and attention-grasping scenes that will keep your entertained from the first paragraph to the last sentence.

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