The Falling – Book Review

The Falling is a fantasy novel by T. Damon. A resident of Northern California, Damon is a professional Zoologist. She has been passionate about writing since childhood. Also, she is an animal and nature lover, which is why the love for nature and animals has inspired a lot of her writings. Imagining new worlds and bringing them to life through her writing is what Damon does most of the time. The genre T. Damon chooses for her writings are paranormal activity, spirituality, and magic. She is happily married with a daughter and owns a few pets. To date, she has written only one novel which is ‘The Falling’.

The chief protagonists of this book are a young girl Narena, her brother Nyxen, and a warrior named Kellen. The three characters join forces with human witches to discover the secrets of the world. The book travels between two different worlds. The Falling is set in a forest, and it encompasses a lot of different beings including mystical creatures, nymphs, and fairies. The adventure that Nyxen and Narena embark on is the highlight of this book and something you’ll definitely enjoy. Their quest takes you back into your childhood days where one would explore the woods and create fantasy moments.

The story of this book amplifies the importance of friends and family caring for one another and trusting each other. This is what makes it a great read. The book talks about darkness, compassion, love and how these three things are connected. If you are looking for an adventure/fantasy story then ‘The Falling’ is a book you should definitely read.

The book travels from one world to another effortlessly without disrupting the flow of the story. A well-written book, The Falling has a captivating plot and takes you back into your childhood days. For these reasons and more, this book is a must read.

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