Born of Betrayal – Book Review

Here is another amazing read by Sherilyn Kenyon. This author has yet again awed her readers with a great novel that forms part of her outstanding series that readers can’t get enough of. She has over the years perfected the art of keeping her readers captivated and creating worlds that keep them tangled up in her great works while still keeping it fresh and enticing.

The plot of Born of Betrayal (The League Series Book 9) is centered around a man who is forced to give up everything that matters to him, his military career, his fiancée and even his name all due to the loyalty he owes his family. Decades later, he has rebuilt his life and vowed never again to let anything come between him and his loved ones. Unfortunately, an alliance is formed between old and new enemies alike, and he finds himself right in the middle of a brutal war.

As fate would have it, his former fiancée is back with a deep desire for his head as vengeance for what he did to her years ago. Never before has a battle so fierce been witnessed. What will happen to the Ichidian universe and Fain Hauk’s brothers-in-arms?

This wonderful book gives us a sneak peek into the Ichidian culture where the blood of innocent people was spilled on the streets following the orders of the ruthless tyrant who prides himself on being the only ruler of the cosmos. Corruption and assassination politics are the order of the day. Can the men and women who will stop at nothing to protect the innocent from a stained government win?

This novel will leave you pondering and yearning incessantly to find out what happens next. The unexpected twists and complex characters will churn your brain in a manner you have never experienced before. A must have for lovers of Adronian customs as well as philosophy.

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