The Lady Gunslinger – Book Review

The Lady Gunslinger is a fantasy novel by Ron Washburn. A resident of Las Cruces, Washburn is an amateur radio operator and a Harley-Davidson rider. He studied a range of subjects at New Mexico State University including astronomy, computer science, composition, architecture, mechanical and electronic drafting, GIS, geography, and science. This is the reason you can see a mix of different things in his writings. Washburn has two passions: stage acting and writing. Most of Washburn’s writings focus on the “Alternate Universe” type of topics. To date, he has written over thirty-five books including ‘The Lady Gunslinger’. This book is the story of Tamara Sampson, a bitter, lonely woman who has lost every important person in her life.

The chief protagonist of the book is a lonely woman named Tamara Sampson. Her life is filled with sorrows as she’s lost every important person in her life and death has followed her since childhood. The most recent loss that she experiences encourages her to make a journey for justice. In search for a man named Torrence, Tamara Sampson travels across the dry west Texas desert. Sampson thinks that Torrence might help her. Deadly, beautiful, and strong are the three words that describe Tamara Sampson.

The book also features sinister creatures. For these creatures, killing is a sport. Tamara wants Torrence to help her find these creatures and take them down. The chief protagonist gets more than what she bargained for when she arrives in an isolated town where Torrence resides. Death awaits those who dared challenge Tamara Sampson. She is the worst nightmare for all her adversaries.

The Lady Gunslinger is an extremely well written book and shows us what a woman can achieve if she utilizes her potential to the fullest. The book is also a lesson for people who choose to live their lives in grief over what happened in the past. The book is definitely worth reading.

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