Beauty to His Beast: An Urban Werewolf Story – Book Review

The paranormal has always been a favorite topic for many writers. The book ‘Beauty to his beast‘ is essentially centered around mythical beings. Natavia spins a tale about two werewolves who are attracted to the same woman. It’s a tale of romance and domination that keeps the reader on the edge throughout.

Kanya Williamson is the woman who is the key character in the plot. She is twenty years old and has often been called a plus sized beauty. Many attribute her beauty to her ancestors from ancient Africa. Kanya is a feisty woman who has dealt with heartbreak. She struggles to deal with her emotional problems till one day everything changes. Kanya spots a strange figure in the woods. She tries to explain what she saw to the police and her friends but fails miserably. Then she meets Goon. As time passes she starts to date him.

The only problem is that Goon is a werewolf. To make matters worse another werewolf named Xavier also falls in love with Kanya. Everything boils down to a battle of egos… Two alpha males will fight for their love but who will win in the end?

Natavia’s description of her characters is multidimensional and it is these descriptions that give the novel it’s true form. Her unique style of writing proves that she has a knack for penning down exactly what the readers want to read. The twists in the story somehow make it seem very much like an urban tale.

Though ‘Beauty to his beast’ falls in the paranormal genre, it still manages to get the readers to connect with the feelings of the characters. The humorous conversations will make you laugh till tears trickle down your cheeks. Each chapter has a unique concept that will make your forget time. If you love romantic stories with a twist then this is definitely the book for you!

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