The Chronicles of Dragon Collection – Review

The Chronicles of Dragon is a 10-book series written by Craig Halloran and published by Two-ten Press. All books in the series spin around a dragon species that’s dedicated to good, and is looking out for humans and fellow dragonkind.

The story follows Nath, a special kind of warrior destined to become a dragon someday. But in order to so, he must first save all dragons and, if possible, do so without killing.

The book is set in a make-believe world of Nalzambor, where the humankind and dragons coexist. Dragons, prior their metamorphosis, are human-like creatures that have to earn their scales first before taking on the dragon-form. That seems to be the present situation surrounding Nath.

Nath’s father is a revered dragon king, and Nath, as with all princes, has a wayward habit of doing things, and which happens to be the main reason he hasn’t yet developed the scales that would see to it that he morphs into a dragon.

His father later sends him far from home into the “Mountain of Doom”, where he has to prove himself. Before leaving, Nath borrows a magic sword called “Fang” from his father then leaves with Brenwar, his old dwarf friend, in tow. This mission is supposed to be his final attempt to earn his scales.

On his way to the mountain, Nath meets all sorts of other creatures including orcs, gnolls, lizard men, elves and ogres. Dragon parts particularly teeth, claws, scales, skin, and horns just happen to be highly prized among the wealthy. Out of bad temper, Nath seeks out every seller of the items and challenges them to a death fight.

Being a skilled fighter he is, he manages to win all the fights, but he’s left scrapped and bruised. His intentions seem good, but they’re interfering with every attempt he’s making to earn his scales.

Every book in the series gives a fresh take on dragons. Characters keep building and the adventures gets even more intense as you move from one book to the next. This is the title to go for if you’re looking for a book series that’ll keep you indrawn for a period not less than 2 weeks.

On overall, Chronicle of Dragons is a superb read. Though the author recommends the book to teens, the story can be enjoyed by adults as well. In short this is the kind of book you’d want to buy so you can read with the rest of your family members.

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