No Reflection – Book Review

No Reflection is a bloodcurdling, urban, sci-fi horror that will surely grab its readers from the moment they begin reading and won’t let go until they are fully lost in the highly-indulging storyline. Spencer Rhys Hughes has done a remarkable job when it comes to penning down a debut this great. With relatable characters, placed in the very modern settings of New York City, the author has scripted a dynamic supernatural suspense.

This dark and gritty tale of a woman Nicole, a fashion designer in New York City, is the author’s excellent debut to what can go on to becoming a top seller.  The protagonist’s ordinary commute takes a turn when a woman, about the same age as her, gets hit by an L train at Union Square right in front of her eyes. Next thing you know, Nicole is on the verge of falling apart. She has given into drugs, started overdosing on her anxiety meds, is about to lose her job, living in isolation and is panic-stricken to her very core. All that started from the moment she saw that woman get hit by the train.

But the worst is yet to come. Ever since after the incident, everywhere she goes, she feels like she is being followed. She is pulled into a world of dark secrets and shadows, and is being stalked by someone who is looking for an opportunity to drag her down. She gets trapped with into a bizarre supernatural conspiracy theory she can’t seem to find and escape from.  But Nicole is not the kind to give up. She tries her best to reassemble the broken pieces and put together the scattered fragments.

But will she truly find escape or will be dragged down as the ‘others’ are plotting for her?

With a well-crafted prose and no structural flaws, Hughes has painted each page’s canvas without becoming overbearing or predictable. Readers will expect something and will be astonished to find something completely opposite to what they had anticipated on the next page.

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Serious Reading Rating
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