Vortexes is a fast-paced dystopian urban fantasy, recommended for fans of those genres and thriller, adventure, and action stories.

Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando’s country. A totalitarian regime with no tolerance for deviation has marginalized thousands. Neither physical exceptionality nor freedom of thought has a place. All is conformity. But Emma doesn’t conform, and time is running out on her ability to conceal her condition. Can Emma find a cure before she gets swept up in a purge… or will she take her secret to the grave?

Strange complications develop in her search for a cure and they force Emma to go underground, change her looks and assume the identity of Maya as she eludes the government’s forces. Living under the constant threat of discovery, capture, torture and dissection, Maya throws her unique skills into the battle with the Resistance, who’s waging their own desperate fight to overthrow their oppressors.

Excerpt: He knelt beside Emma and touched his ear piece. “I got Emma Ando out of there. We’re at her home… wherever that is. Put someone on it and find us. I can’t tell you how we got here. Some sort of sci-fi shit that I’m sure has a reasonable explanation, I just don’t know what it is. She was in bad shape when I found her and getting us here must have used up all of Emma’s energy reserves. She could still die from her injuries.” 

Vortexes is the latest book from Holly Barbo and is considered one of her best works. Holly’s other books have won a total of seven awards ranging from Cinematic Short Story awards to making the ReadFree.ly‘s 50 best Indie Books list of 2017 for a book under her pen name.

Get it signed! October 6th, Burbank Marriott. 

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