More Tales from the Enchanted Wood

In The Love of Simon Fox, we were introduced to a fox and a little girl, how they changed each other, & what they brought to the lives of those around them. In this charming, sweet, funny followup, we learn more about some of the characters with whom we only made a glancing acquaintance the first time around. Were you curious  about Peter Bear, Sanchez the Rabbit Chief, Cedric Marmot and his unlikely Friendship with Martin Badger? Jonathan Schork has returned from the enchanted wood with eleven new stories about some of the favorite characters you never knew. Find out how Peter Bear came to the wood & got a name. See how Irwin Heron got a blue bumpershoot. Read about Heloise Skunk’s little secret,  the thing the ravens stole from the Gypsies, the hogs on holiday, & Freddie Stoat’s true love. Learn about the Great Fire and how Sanchez saved the wood, and what happens when a lost dog gets found. And if all that isn’t enough, learn how to make a dinner with recipes from Cedric Marmot’s famous cookbook. With a map an 21 news illustrations. More Tales… answers these questions and more in eleven interconnected stories that meandre through every district of the wood, and transcend time.

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