Don’t be as quick to judge, as you are to understand.
Little Kasey Turner was new to Swan Quarters, North Carolina. He had to leave his friends and home after his parents divorced. But Kasey was old enough to know his mom wasn’t happy.
Swan Quarters was a small town along the coast, and they were lucky enough to find a cute cottage close to the beach. It didn’t take him long to make new friends, his best friend being Tammy Henderson, lived in the same cul-de-sac and attended the same school.
Tammy helped him get used to the area, introduced him to the other kids and taught him how to find the wonderful things that the waves brought to shore.
The only thing that made Kasey uncomfortable about his new home was his neighbor, Mrs. Whitlock. There was something strange about how she sat and stared out at the water. Her long, stringy silver hair seemed to whip around her head without the faintest hint of a breeze. Her rocking chair squeaked and squealed as if it were in pain. Kasey would sometimes find her sitting and watching from the oddest places.
One morning before school, the news broadcasted the sudden disappearance of several children in the area. And days later, more children went missing. While wandering the beach in search of treasures, Kasey stumbles across something twinkling in the tall grasses. He recognized the glasses not knowing that they would not only trap him, but save him too.
When Kasey finds himself caught in the case of missing children of Swan Quarters, he realizes that he must face his fear and confront the scary neighbor Mrs. Whitlock. In doing so, Kasey, with the help of his best friend, becomes the hero of Swan Quarters.
There is a place and a purpose for everyone in this world, even if you have yet to understand it.

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