Beneath A Separate Sky

Skylar Payne is having a bad day. It started with the school bully and a knife, then ended in a funhouse of a fairytale. There are girls who dream of discovering they are secretly princesses. Skylar was never one of them. She had one life goal; keep her head down and stay invisible. Discovering she is a powerful – if clumsy – sorcerous from the magical world of Eris and that her parents are the queen and king was definitely not part of the plan. Then she fell through an enchanted door and got stuck in this not so wonderful land with the school bully, who has been bitten by a werewolf, and her brother as her only company. It didn’t take accidentally turning someone into a penguin to convince Skylar she didn’t belong, but it sure did make the point. Too bad the denizens of Eris have a different idea. Skylar is willing to fight them all, if that is what it takes to get back home, but nothing is going her way. Fairies have kidnapped Skylar’s brother, there is a not-so-charming prince trying to track her down, and her parents are trying to poison her werewolf… um… friend. It is up to her, the girl who was nobody’s idea of a hero, to escape and get them back to Chicago. All while trying to figure out who – and what – she really is. For a girl who never wanted to be popular, finding out she’s at the top of everyone’s most wanted list has not been a dream come true.

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