Sam and the Pixie – Finding Faith

Faith has always felt like she doesn’t fit in with the other Pixies at Windhill Tree. Physically, she stands out with her fiery red hair and a face covered in freckles, almost unheard of in the Pixie community. Beyond that, Faith has a strange fascination with humans which has her father, and other Pixies, worried – as contact with the human world is strictly forbidden.

Sam has always felt like she doesn’t fit in with her human friends. Ever since she found a Pixie during a childhood birthday party, she has been fascinated with them, and determined to fine one again. Now in high school, her obsession no longer seems cute and acceptable. She finds herself an outsider, the butt of jokes, and often ridiculed by her brother’s friends.

When their two worlds collide and these two outsiders meet, they find they have much to learn about each other’s worlds, and their own. Windhill Tree, and perhaps the human world, will never be the same.

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