Paragons: Age of the Awakening Volume 2

War has reached the Highland plateau. Far into the lands of Norse, General Liam McCabe leads an army to combat the Soshan forces from across the sea, threatening to seize territory from Highland by force and establish a foothold onto their continent. Thinking of loved ones both departed and alive, he charges onward with conviction to not repeat a past mistake, and perhaps, satisfy his demand for vengeance. In Highland’s capital, Pentdrake, the battle against the Morabian Army has just been won.

Consumed by troubling thoughts, Quincy questions allegiances while being haunted by thoughts of his homeland. Tasked with tracking down and eliminating this threat to all of Gaia by his Presiding Governance, he joins the Highland campaign marching southward through Southfall; Highland’s declaration of war against Morabia, once again. His task being covert in nature, only his highest ranking superiors know his true mission objective…

Braxx, hot on the trail of uncovering more of this unraveling plot, he finds himself face to face with answers he seeks, only to have more questions develop in this discovery’s wake. Ordered by his superior, Braxx makes his way southward towards Morabia with an elite army of Highlanders, seeking out the one responsible for attempting to resurrect Velbyx before it’s too late…!

Queen Ramia, great seer of Sylphwood, must join the ranks of the mortal races together towards the true impending danger. As if teetering on the precipice, she knows one ill step may spell the doom for them all. Calling upon the forces to counteract this growing threat, her gaze remains fixed upon the stars above her as she prepares for the coming age. Heroes, new and old, must come together…will they?

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