Home Summonings: The Winter Trilogy

Greyson Forester is a powerful wizard, raised among beings of myth and legend, and then has his powers bound and outcast because of something even he doesn’t understand. Given seven years to figure out what happened and to try and clear his name, time is running out.

Can he regain his power in time to prevent an ancient evil from conquering not only the mortal world, but all of the realms?

Pandora’s Curse: The Amazon’s call Greyson’s debt due to help solve a simple kidnapping. Turns out, things aren’t ever simple. But can it lead him to the answers he needs in time?

Piercing the Veil: On the edge of answers, and in pursuit of the followers of an ancient evil, his people decide it’s time for him to answer for his actions. Who knew that dying could be the easiest part of your day?

Sorcerer’s Choice: Lost, injured, and alone, Greyson is made an offer he can’t refuse. Succeed, and save the people he loves. Fail, and everyone loses.

The Home Summonings series is a dark comedy set where gods and monsters, angels and demons, and obnoxious faerie are all trying to make their way in the world that has dismissed them as myth, or worse forgotten them.
Now, some of them want to be remembered.

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