Cherokee Ice

Everyone on the Navajo reservation thinks Danny Riley is a witch. He’s heard it so often he’s starting to believe it too. Witches have no family. That describes him pretty well. He has no one but his mother, Nelva, and she hardly counts. Nelva is a Laguna and doesn’t belong on the Navajo rez either.


Witches are fair game in Danny’s world. There have been several attempts on his life, all of which have just added to his reputation. One of his enemies fell into a diabetic coma. A couple more were stranded in the desert. Another actually caught on fire. There was nothing magic about any of that, of course, at least Danny doesn’t think so, but if he doesn’t find a way to get off the reservation pretty soon, someone will surely kill him.


Nelva’s new boyfriend might be able to help. John Horse is a Black Seminole medicine man with some dicey drug connections back in Oklahoma. He’s pretty certain Danny has some relatives there. They might not be the kind of relations he is looking for, but the boy won’t last if he stays on the reservation.


When Danny gets to Oklahoma, he meets the girl of his dreams—but for some reason, she believes he is her husband. A stranger with facial tattoos passes him a fat envelope filled with money. A homicidal dwarf named Little Bits is trying to kill him over something called Cherokee Ice—and it looks like he might do it.


The little man points a pistol at him and says, “Silver bullets. You won’t rise up this time.”

Danny’s mystified, but it’s clear there’s no way out. There’s nothing left but to fall back on his Indian ways and pray he really does possess some powerful magic.

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