Hawk McCoy: The Penthiads

Why are lights showing up in a meadow on the Georgia Coast? Government investigators travel to Georgia to investigate the mysterious lights seen in their satellite photos. Izlet Bay is a small Georgia fishing community not known for terrorist activity. The Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet is their most attended festival and it is held in April not June. Izlet Bay has never been in the news before.

Hawk McCoy, a ten year old local amateur detective, investigates. Equipped with his Super Sleuth 100 and Fingerprint Guide for All Occasions, he is on the job of detecting the truth. He is learning how to collect fingerprints. But the summer looms before him and he wants to solve a mystery. Where in Izlet Bay will he find a mystery? He settles into his job at the Carousel Inn where he vacuums and cleans the glass doors. He practices analyzing fingerprints until the mystery finds him.

  1. He sees a mysterious flying figure that he thinks is a woman in the sky when he walks his dogs for the Durrett Street Indispensibles Handiservice.
  2. Men from a government agency come to town and stay at the Carousel Inn where he can observe them.
  3. He meets the Pentas sisters, old established residents of Izlet Bay, and he can’t remember meeting them before.


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