The Fifth House of the Heart – Book Review

Ben Tripp has worked for many different entertainment companies over the past years, proving his name as a successful artist, writer, and diverse designer. He has also been an integral part of many motion picture studios for a period of more than twenty years. Ben has decided to dedicate his time to be a full-time writer now.

The Fifth House of the Heart is a vampire thriller packed with bone-chilling plot twists and action. The main character is Asmodeus “Sax” Saxon-Tang, who is an antiquities dealer, and extremely successful at that. But Sax lives a secret life – it’s not that simple a task to acquire the most valuable antique pieces from all around the world. He has a clandestine treasure of hoards he collected on occasion by murdering vampires in cold blood. It was only a matter of time until the literal ghosts of his past come haunting him into his present only to turn his life impossible. These ghosts are out to get more than just him; they will come after every single thing and person he cares about.

Sax must consult the Holy Roman Church if he desires to get rid of these hauntings. The undefeatable monster who has made way into his life is immortal, which means Sax must go to great lengths to combat his fatal intentions – even if that means a journey around the globe with his battalion of mercenaries and lethal vampire hunters.

This book comes as a shock to readers who are expecting the usual vampire romance most of the writers deliver nowadays. Ben is an immensely gifted writer who has successfully brought a new level of sophistication to the genre which reminds one of the classic vampire stories of the old times. Kudos to Ben Tripp for breaking genre stereotypes and giving his readers a new this intriguing mythos.

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