The Fable of the Wolf and the Owl

In a world remade after the times of old, the stories set in motion a plan of eternity. The names written in the book, and those written on the gate, are the Fabled Ones. The Fabled Ones are those of legendary heritage, and their story begins with the Wolf and the Owl.

A legend is born from eternity and will end in the vast beyond that is eternity.  Follow the story some such legends who make their home in the infinite.  With mystery, intrigue, and magic, the world began anew many years ago, with most of the world still left to uncover.  The mysteries therein, left unsolved, with many groups looking for answers.

A war is fought between two sides: The Myrmidons, and the Vanguards, each seeking their own way of life and controlling the world with their ideals.

This story begins the journey of a young warrior who looks to uncover his own secrets, and must make choices along the way to decide the fate of many others.

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