Beyond the Alluring Sky by Anthezar

Beyond the Alluring Sky200“You’re the light that brightens the sky.”

For Kei, rescuing orphans from slavers is his life, even when having too many mouths to feed is hard on his resources. With his money stretched, his dream of leaving the oppressive city of Allegetra is next to impossible. But everything changes when he meets Sky, the newest ‘stray’ he rescues from the slavers. Though Kei usually sends all his rescues to his friend, Nolst, it’s Sky’s unique way of charming the consumers that convinces Kei to strike up a partnership. Teaching his new stray about all the dangers Allegetra offers becomes a full time job, since Sky’s naivety often puts them at risk.

As their lives connect and a powerful friendship is forged, Kei learns that Sky has many secrets, not unlike himself.

But as he tries to keep Sky out of trouble, Kei becomes too confident. His life unravels and the demons he had once buried now rise from the shadows. Everything he had worked so desperately to build and to protect could come crashing down in one fell swoop.

No matter how dark the shadows, Kei must become ‘the light that brightens the sky’ if he wants to survive.

Beyond the Alluring Sky is the first in the new fantasy series by Anthezar.



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