Control (Anomalies) by Brittany K. Blair

Control (Anomalies)200For eighteen-year-old Cole Callahan, an Anomaly is not something he’s ever wanted to be. But when his brightly colored eyes draw the attention of government agents, he’s dragged from his foster home and nearly drugged unconscious—despite his distinct lack of supernatural abilities.

And when a girl named Rune comes to his rescue, Cole is introduced to a community of individuals with strange and otherworldly powers at Skye tower, a hidden safe house for Anomalies. There, he comes to terms with the realities of a life rejected by society and targeted by government scientists—and confronts the notion that he could be harboring a secret power of his own.

As he struggles for acceptance among his new peers, Cole suddenly finds himself with bigger things to worry about. With their home torn apart and several Anomalies kidnapped, can the rest finally work out a plan to save the day?

Brittany K. Blair


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