The Prisoner (Shifting Isles) by G.R. Lyons

The Prisoner200Step into the world of the Shifting Isles, where magic and technology live side-by-side. The series begins on the Isle of Tanas with The Prisoner, in which Officer Benash is faced with a question:

What if one simple choice could change everything?

Officer Benash dutifully obeys the Elders’ rule. Everything is chosen for him, from his meals to his wives to his clothes, even down to the route he walks to the prison each day. Converted from an exhausted gold mine, the underground prison is dark and crumbling, and won’t survive another Collision event – a massive earthquake that is sure to kill thousands. Benash is desperate for the promotion that would grant him escape from that dangerous facility, so he vows to do whatever it takes to earn it.

Yet, each day, he passes a fork in the road, and the desire for even one simple choice tempts him. When he finally succumbs to temptation and alters his route, he crosses paths with Vorena, a rebel woman who is attempting to escape the Isle of Tanas. From the moment they meet, Vorena forces Benash to question everything he has ever known, telling him that there are places in the world were men are truly free, where choice is every man’s right, where no man has power over others. Places where the Elders’ rule cannot reach…

Vorena’s ideas are nothing short of treasonous, and accepting them would spell Benash’s death. With the Elders’ noose getting tighter and a Collision event fast approaching, Benash must now choose: cling to the security of obedience and routine, or risk his life for a kind of freedom he never thought possible.

G.R. Lyons


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