Ring of Fire by Stevie Rae Causey

Ring of Fire200“Whatever was coming seemed to be taking its time, moving not in a straight line, but more in a swaying side-to-side pattern. Then it stopped.


Again a false crow, followed by a pause, as if whatever was down there was waiting to see if I would walk down to investigate. A shadow rose from the grass. I could not quite make out its shape in the darkness, but it stood upright like a man, though its stature was not quite as tall. Then I saw two yellow lights hanging parallel to each other, reflecting the dim moonlight that shone down through a break in the clouds. The phenomenon reminded me again of the wildcat. No man’s eyes reflect like that.

I ran.”

Growing up Kala believed that the magical creatures her people had conquered were responsible for the death of her parents. When she is captured while defending her property, it is an elf named Azlyn who comes to her rescue. His parting words reveal that her mother had been part of a rebellion seeking to unite humans and mystics; and that her death was not at the hands of his people.

Azlyn believes her heritage may be the key to uniting their people, and Kala begins to question everything she was raised to believe. As her people prepare for war against the mystic races, Kala’s indecision threatens the lives of those she loves.

 “Ring of Fire has some wonderfully deep themes woven in…It’s a tale of acceptance, of learning that “them” is just an extension of “us,” and that hatred stems from ignorance

Stevie Rae Causey


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