Shatter Me: The Awakening by Birdy Rivers

Shatter MeEmmy’s world is shattered on her seventeenth birthday by a letter from her dead mother. Everything she thought she knew is a lie. She’s a witch and her family bloodline is very powerful, making Emmy herself powerful beyond her dreams. Emmy is thrown into the magic world and at every turn new secrets reveal themselves to her.

A prophecy, a big bad, a huge secret that will change her world forever and so much more are thrown at Emmy. Can Emmy handle the truth? Can her old life and new life coincide together or will she have to choose? In between magical lessons and regular life Emmy must find away to balance the two worlds she now lives in or risk being exposed by her not so friendly half sisters.

Emmy’s world is turned upside down as she struggles to find her way in a new world. With the guidance of her godmother, Kenzie,  Emmy hopes to find her way in a world that has been kept from her for so long. To make matters more complicated Emmy has fallen in love. Can Carter be her soulmate? Does Carter bare the mark that marks him as her soulmate? If so will he except her for who she really is or will he think she is a freak? Emmy also finds herself missing her mother and being angry at her for keeping the magical world and who she really is a secret even if it was to protect her.

Will she remain shattered fragments of herself  or will she find away to put herself back together again? Can Emmy survive having her world shattered over and over again? Love, magic, lies, secrets, prophecy, and so much more come together in the first book of the Shatter Me Series.

Birdy Rivers


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