Dwarf by Michael Benningfield

Dwarf200Slavery – it is all the dwarves have known since Praghock Yulgrunli ascended to the throne. Sure, they have freedom, as long as it is curtailed to his whims and liking. Alas, there seems to be nothing that can be done about it since he uses magic as his ally. Magic, granted to him through an unknown source.

Kragjaw Tuminar is a young dwarf, and he was raised hearing the stories of the just and upright king – Kulok Greybrew. When he becomes of age to join the royal army, he refuses. No one refuses an order from King Praghock – no one. When the royal magistrates come to take him away for his refusal, he fights back, and it just so happens that he is perhaps the greatest trap maker in the entire world.

His rebellion triggers the first domino needed to start a war against the unjust king; a war that everyone thought would be easy to win, until they realized the actions of one lone dwarf would spark not only a war for the dwarven throne, but also a war for the entire world.

Michael Benningfield


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