Tommy Fraga is on a mission. With an ability to write and a keen sense to empathize with the world at large, Fraga is all about communicating with all sorts of readers. Be it kids, victims, young adults or simply, book lovers, Fraga writes for all.  With eleven of his books already out on the market, five are signed on to becoming major motion pictures. If Fraga Keeps going with the same pace and style, the world might finally have a chance of being a better place.

In a world filled with adult fiction and romance novels, kids are left with no choices when it comes to widening their vocabularies and reading novels that allow them to see the world with big, innocent eyes.  Tommy Fraga takes care of that with King Aloysius. It is a fun-filled story with a combination of prose and poetry. Moreover, the book contains a plethora of new and interesting words that will surely intrigue youngsters and make them increase their knowledge of words. This fun story is made even more interesting and enthralling for children with the addition of several animals.

King Aloysius: Had Many Wishes, But Ended Up Living With Mice has been loved and appreciated by not only children, but parents as well. Fraga wrote the book keeping children in mind, so the ease of reading is such that children can read and understand the book by themselves, hence developing a keen habit of reading among them. Coupled with technology withdrawing kids from some of the better parts of childhood, Fraga provides an opportunity for them to experience for themselves what it feels like to have a book in hand.

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