The Unforgettable Teacher’s Journey

What every teacher needs is a cheerleader!

“The Unforgettable Teacher’s Journey” is mouth-dropping, breath-taking, mind-blowing truth, which has never been heard on earth before! Using six unique characteristics the author, Michelle L. Bowers, explains how the ministry of Jesus is so remarkably similar to the journey of a teacher. In addition, as you read this book,

  • You will get peaceful poetry that speak to your mind and heart
  • You will learn about an incredible role you have been playing
  • You will get remarkable secrets which you didn’t know about yourself
  • You will gain awareness of the good pattern you have been following
  • You will get electrifying encouragement and motivation
  • You will get enlightening and thrilling positivity
  • You will get your own personal cheerleader

…And so much more! Teachers, this is a message of hope and inspiration written just for you!

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