Just One Page!!! New and Easy Approach to English

The key idea of this handbook is to introduce an innovative, practical and visual presentation of the English Language Tense system on one page only. This unique and distinctive grammar presentation on a vector line demonstrates all the major tense system on the basis of step-by-step approach depending on the study level. Starting from the Elementary level, continued by the Pre-Intermediate Level and, finally, the Intermediate Level – JUST ONE PAGE !!! !!! !!! is divided in three levels and for each specific practical tips, instructions and guidelines are provided. No necessity to sit and read for several hours hundreds of pages of academic grammar theory. JUST ONE PAGE grammar system presents the most significant features of each tense, thus, 22 tenses in the English Language grammar are depicted on a single page. It enables a learner to obtain the key knowledge quickly, basing on understanding a tense practical application using “signal words” (which are called “time adverbs” in grammar books), rather than pure academic theory memorizing, and, finally, learn correct application of the Tense system in language practice. This systematic approach has proved to be effective and attractive for over 25 years and helped numerous students to learn English Grammar quickly, effectively and easily.

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