Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection Of Children With Special Needs by Peter Felton

Tommy WroughtTommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection of Children With Special Needs is a 346-page nonfiction book written and self-published by Peter Felton on Sunday December 13, 2015, examining life depicted through the eyes of special-needs children of generations young and old, conveyed through lyrics and conceptual elements of Hall-Of-Fame Rock & Roll band The Who’s landmark Rock Opera from 1969, Tommy.

Utilizing the plot, characters, and music of Tommy, author-educator-lifelong Rocker Peter Felton addresses sensitive issues pertaining to the upbringing and social outlook of children of the 21st Century. Drawing upon correlative biographical details of the original members of The Who, while reflecting upon notable experiences in his own personal and work histories, Felton makes a firm case as to the roots of hindrances to children’s learning and lifestyles in today’s modern world—with astounding comparisons drawn to those of yesteryear. In an effort to convey a breakdown of the internal breakdowns of those suffering from such setbacks—resulting from the external blunders of their surroundings—and with the aid of in-depth analyses of the multi-angular lyrics belonging to the songs making up the wide-ranging score of Tommy, connections between disparate aspects of humanity old and young are successfully made, in hopes of securing a more stable foundation for future generations.

During its first year of life, Tommy Wrought has received several positive reviews from a variety of online reading networks:, Foreword Clarion Reviews (read the review in full here:, Amazon (read the review in full here:, along with an in-store staff recommendation from Amoeba Music in San Francisco, and the author himself making due reference to the book’s synthesis during his appearance on The Bob Benson Radio Show in San Francisco on February 24, 2016 (listen to the show in full here:

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