Light of Hope – Book Review

Light of Hope is a riveting story of a young woman who had to deal with mistrust and a broad range of domestic issues on a daily basis. The author, S.T. Collins is a single parent who lives with her daughter. Before venturing into the writing industry, she worked as a teacher in several learning institutions as well as a lead instructor in a proprietary school setting.

Vikki Nelson, the main character in this book is a young and bubbling divorcee who is ready to leave her past experiences behind and work hard to make it in life. She wants to become a professional social worker. Courageous, hardworking, and resilient are some of the attributes that best describe her. After waiting for many months, she finally gets a lucrative job at the Light of Hope, a facility that helps the less fortunate women in the society by providing them with shelter and food.

The drama kicks in when she falls in love with Robert Cuccio, her boss. Their relationship is forbidden but is filled with romance and passion. Nonetheless, it helps to fill a void in Vikki’s heart that was left by her former husband who was very abusive and cruel to her. Could Robert be the man of her life? Will he succeed in making all her aspirations in life come true? Purchase this book online to get the answer to this and other questions.

Light of Hope is a well-written story that you will enjoy reading. The author did a good job to breathe life into all the characters by giving them personalities that blend perfectly with the storyline. As you read the book, you will get a vivid image of Vikki’s efforts to make it in life as well as her relationship with Robert.

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